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To log into Blackboard, you will need to know your student ID number. Every student who has registered is issued a Blackboard (Bb) account that follows this format:

Username: 32_900XXXXXX (student ID number)

Password: 32_900XXXXXX (same as your username)


Step 1: Click to watch this video. 

Step 2: Go to the the Bb website and log in:

Step 3: Change your Bb password after you log in.


On the login screen, type in your username and password.


If it's your first time logging in, you'll see the welcome screen, click "close." You will only see this screen the very first time you log in.


After that, you need to change your password. Find "Tools" and click on "Personal Information."


Click on "change password."


Type in a new password and verify it by retyping it againg. Click "submit" when you're done.

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