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Please review the information below.  If you have tried several times and are still having issues then at this point, you need to get help from the IT department. Please contact or call  678-226-6777.  

You can get help in person by going to building 100, room 101 (One Stop Center)


Please watch this video to learn more.

Email Format

(User ID) is: FLLLLLLxxxx

Where: F = first letter of your first name

LLLLLL = first six letters of your last name

xxxx = last four digits of your student ID number

Your Password is: gtcmmddyy

Where: gtc = the letters "gtc" in lowercase

mmddyy = your birth date, using two digits each for the month, the day, and the year

You can change your password after you log in the first time.

Your Student Email Address is:

Where FLLLLLLxxxx follows the same format as your User ID (see above)



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